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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Vampire Diaries

Recenty , i started to watch a new English drama series - The Vampire Diaries since the other three drama series - Heroes ( season end ) , Ghost Whisperer ( always delay ) and Merlin ( season end ) . The reason for me to watch this drama series is due to a movie called " Twilight " because these two are talking about the love story between a vampire and a human . However , there are some differences between them .

First at all , in the movie series " Twilight " , they talk about the battle between the vampire and the werewolf . However , in the drama series " the Vampire dairies " , they talk about the battle among the vampire and some relationship with the witch . Secondly , In " Twilight " , the vampire cannot show themselves under the sun . However , in " the vampire diaries " , some of them especially the two main characters - Stefan and Damon can act like normal being , walk under sun because they got a special ring with them . Beside that , in " twilight " , the vampire cannot control or change people's mind , however , in " the vampire Diaries " , they can do that .
In " the vampire Diaries " , the use of verveine will cause them weak and lost their ability to control mind compared to "Twilight " , they don't have this .

About the storyline , the male main character - Stefen is a vampire . He is a 17 year old high school student . However , his actual age is 126 years sold . He falls in love with a human girl called Elena .. When they have a wonderful time , Stefan's brother , Damon appears in front of him . Damon fell interested at Elena because Elena look the same with Katherine , Damon and Stefan's first lover who died for long time . Since Stefan does not feed withe human blood while his brother does , therefore Stefan is weaker than Damon . Stefan try his best to protect Elena from Damon' influence . Soon , Elena found that Stefan is vampire . So , what happens the next , please watch it yourself !

I think when i first watch the drama series , i really expect it look like the " Twilight " . However , after few episodes , it does make me change my view on it . For now , i look this drama series as a different thing from " Twilight " . I hope that it will keep giving me surprise ! work hard .

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