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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Sudden Port Dickson Trip 2010

I really didn't know why we will go to Port Dickson for our next activity . Firstly , we planned to go Sunway Lagoon , but since meimay-san didn't wan join us to enter water park , therefore Sunway lagoon trip cant be our next destination . After a long discussion , we planned to go Port Dickson because we can play a lots of things beside of playing water at beach .

I still remember that there was raining day when i woke up . My mummy keep on making joke with me about i go to beach when the raining day is around me . However , i didn't mind on it and started to fetch my friends . After fetching friend and drove for 75 minutes , we reached at Port Dickson . Then , we straight went to have lunch or breakfast ( for someone , i don't mention here, who are they) .

After listening to our Good Man , we chose a famous coffee shop as our target . I ordered half boiled eggs and bread with butter/kaya as my lunch . After having the lunch or breakfast , we planned to have a walk around town . During this journey , we found back a lots of our childhood memories because we enter a shop which sell a lot of snacks . These all snacks are our favorite snacks when we were a kid once upon a times . Hende , we sure buy a lots of thing back except ym-san . At last , we bought KCF as our meal when we reached at beach .

When we reached at beach , we played a lots of activities , like playing kite ( i didn't take picture on it , you can't see my style ) , taking photo ( main activity of all ) , playing water ( just for a while ) and our common activity - Chatting . After that , we went back to town because we wanted to go a shop called ICE ROOM . I can't believe on what i saw when i saw this shop in front of my eyes because i never think that i can find it at Port Dickson . As usual , we ordered Ice as our dessert due to hot weather at beach .

After finishing the dessert , then we went back to KL . For me , it is really a nice but tired journey for me . And maybe a nice day in my this 10 days holiday . Thanks to BWG members . Love you all .

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