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Friday, September 10, 2010

Bored Holiday

Today is the 3rd day of my 10 days holiday which started from last wednesday until next sunday . However , i started to feel bored on this holiday . This is because i no need study for my mid semester exam , i done 2 out of 3 assignments which i supposed to do during this holiday and lastly i just need to read some artikels for the coming class after the holiday . This is my holiday .

But , i still have another activity , too . For your information , i just attend my BWG gathering yesterday . I think that yesterday was one of the nice day in my current holiday because i never meet them for 2 months although we still contact each other by msn or facebook . but , we never sit together and chat together since the last gathering . So , on that day , we went to watch a movie called Step Up 3D . After that , we went for lunch and then shopping for 4 hours . Since we feel tired , therefore we went to have our dinner and discuss on the next plan for another gathering .

I really hope that the following can be organized . If not , i can make a conclusion is my holiday is a damn bored holiday . So , anyone come to date me out ~~ i am ok now ~~

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