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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

I don't notice that Chinese new year is just around the corner .

However, i still can't sense any CNY feelings at this moment .

Maybe i m frustrated with a lot of thing recently .

Anyway , i still hope that my friends and my course-mates still can have a nice and wonderful CNY .

Although this CNY holiday is too short for you all .

But , i think that what you all want from this CNY is the reunion feeling from all the people you all loved .

Hence , enjoy it and appreciate it .

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It seem that i really have long time never update this english blog since the early of Jan 2011 . I think some of my friends will think i disappear from this world . However , to all your information , i don't give up this blog , just because there are no much important thing happen around me recently . At the same time , i also can't online about 1 month due to some internet connection problem at my own home . Hence , i seldom update my latest status to you all .

Since the early of this Jan , i just busy with my own study and my final year project . Beside from that , there are no much different thing happen for my university life . Maybe this semester is my last semester of my degree life , so i need to spend some time with my beloved course-mate because we will seldom meet each other after the graduation day ( around September 2011 ) .

Furthermore , there are some cases happen at my family . But , i think that there is not good for me discuss it here . Hence , you all no need so worry on me because i still can handle it well with a preparation on it .

Wakakak ~~

I think that this is what i want to tell you all on this time .

I think i will try to update this English blog more frequently.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

New year wishes 2011

These are all my new year wishes for this year 2011 :

  1. I want to buy a watch .
  2. I want to buy a Iphone 4
  3. I want to buy a DSLR
  4. I want to have a nice life for this year
  5. I want to a nice job if i go to work
  6. I want to get a good result for my degree or master study ( if i study master )
  7. I wish all my friends happy forever .

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

latest Update 5

I feel happy because i went for sing k with my friends ( Yuen Fatt , See Hoe , Pin Lim , Juinn Shian and Yoon Ming ) . I really thanks to them because they knew that i got something happen around me recently . Hence , they just let me sing as many as i want . I feel ashamed after went out from K box .

Anyway , i really feel good by having you all as my friend .

Love You aLL ~~

Sunday, December 12, 2010

latest Update 4

At here , i really want to say THANKS to you .

After saying all those things to you , i felt released and nice .

This is because i knew that you will always support me regardless of what decision i had made .

You will always be with me when i need someone


I knew you are busying with own stuff

But , you still chat with me for 1 hour

I really thanks to you


Saturday, December 11, 2010

latest Update 3

I reaLLy Pissed Off With something noW !!!

WHo cAn LeT mE ExPresS iT FulLy ?

AnYonE aSLo can !!!

I ReallY nOt cAre Who YoU aRe

PleAse HelP mE !!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

latest Update 2

Time passed very fast , I just notice that i still left 2 more weeks to go for my holiday , then i need to back to my University Life again . First at all , i tell you all honestly , i don't have any mood or good feeling when i knew that i want to back to my university although i feel bored when i enjoy my holiday at my home . For some of my close friends , they sure knew a bit about what happened on me last semester . It makes me feel stress and pissed off when i enter my house at bangi , especially when i went back to my Bangi house one weeks ago .

However , after listening to all my friend's opinion , i really don't have any feeling on that particular person anymore . I just cant sense any " HOME" feeling at that Bangi home . Compared to last time , i was so desperate to back HOME because i can meet them , play with them and chat with them . But , after that case happened on me , all these feelings gone from my mind . I started to feel that University friend not always good as what i thought when i enter into university . It make me feel that i have a gap or a barrier between me and that person when i talk with them .

Hence , i don't want that thing happen on me anymore . Hope my mood back to normal when i enter my university .

My course-mates , you all are only thing i miss for my university life .

Hope we can be friend forever ~~~