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Sunday, December 5, 2010

latest Update 2

Time passed very fast , I just notice that i still left 2 more weeks to go for my holiday , then i need to back to my University Life again . First at all , i tell you all honestly , i don't have any mood or good feeling when i knew that i want to back to my university although i feel bored when i enjoy my holiday at my home . For some of my close friends , they sure knew a bit about what happened on me last semester . It makes me feel stress and pissed off when i enter my house at bangi , especially when i went back to my Bangi house one weeks ago .

However , after listening to all my friend's opinion , i really don't have any feeling on that particular person anymore . I just cant sense any " HOME" feeling at that Bangi home . Compared to last time , i was so desperate to back HOME because i can meet them , play with them and chat with them . But , after that case happened on me , all these feelings gone from my mind . I started to feel that University friend not always good as what i thought when i enter into university . It make me feel that i have a gap or a barrier between me and that person when i talk with them .

Hence , i don't want that thing happen on me anymore . Hope my mood back to normal when i enter my university .

My course-mates , you all are only thing i miss for my university life .

Hope we can be friend forever ~~~

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Kenneth said...

You'll feel much better when you let that thing go. I'm not saying you have to ignore it but the best solution is to face it. Take it into your heart and let it fades through time. Then, everything will be okay. Don't frown!

= Kenneth =