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Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm Busying For Nothing ....

Finally , my Raya holiday came to end . For now on , i need to back my university to continue my study life . After this break , i think need to work on my poster presentation , journal writing , thesis writing , going to lab , korean stuffs and assignments . At the same time , i am learning to play guitar and have a great plan on jogging every days . Inside my deep heart , i really hope i can do all these things in a perfect way . This is because i really hope this semester is a packed semester for me . I cant stand of having a boring life at here . Hence , i am trying to make me busy , busy and busy ~~~

Please don't angry at me while i am saying i m quite free at here , especially for one of my BWG members . Forgive me ~~~

Continue next time ~~ See ya ~~

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