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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Let iT bE

After 2 weeks of exam , my study mode become more to inactivated mode . I din know why i become like tat . Just like now , although i have a exam on 2moro 12pm and i put my notes in front of me , but i really no mood to read it . This maybe due to the poor Exam battle history in previous weeks make me started to hesitate that it is worth for me to continue work on it .

Recently , i met my secondary school senior through facebook . I noticed that he works as Pastry chef . When i knew that , it make me think back what is my dream work in the future . Tell you all the truth , i think that i really started feel regret on my decision about entering university . This feeling appear in my mind when i entered my Second semester . However , at that moment , i just neglect that feeling and make a assumption that it will disappear from my mind soon . After gone through about 1 year , that feeling does not disappear from my mind ,but it becomes stronger days after days .

I recall back my dream work list in my mind , that is Doctor ( i cant achieve it due to my academic result and my hand shaking problem ) , Pharmacist ( cant achieve it due to academic result , financial problem ) , and lastly i want to become a Pastry Chef . I really love to make dessert and bread . I love to read the recipe book in the book store or watch the cooking programme . So i think i like cooking , too . When i help my mum to make a fried rice , i will decorate it until my mum will scold me about why i so late to serve the fried rice to her . I think this maybe the my natural side that i don't notice on it since i communicate with the community .

For now , what i do now is just to graduate from my degree and continue my master study ! And this dream work , i will make it become a reality for me when the opportunity is approaching to me !

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