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Monday, May 11, 2009

4D3N Pahang trip

From 8 May - 11 May 2009 , my friends and i went to Pahang to have our " KURSUS KOMUNIKASI KOPORAT " This seminar was organized by the PUSAT PERKEMBANGAN PELAJAR ( PPP ) and PESTA KONVO . The purpose of the seminar is to improve our communication skill and soft skill .

About the resort i stayed for these days , i can say 1 word to represent my feeling on it , that is " worst " Since the resort at the middle of the forest , therefore there are no air- condition service at there . Because of the hot weather for these days , the resort seem a hell where we all sweating like a dog ..... And , there are just 2 bathroom for 29 boys used for bathing and other purpose .

About the course or the talk given by this seminar , it seem very bored to me because all the talk are so common to me . All seem very familiar compared to the last few seminar that i attended before .

About the outdoor activity , we went to Gua Terang Bulan for a visit . This is the first time for me to enter the cave , I feel very nervous and excited for this trip . These are the photos i took during the journey :

For overall , i think still OK because just the accommodation and the talk are not so good

Then , i need to go for another camp at Sungai Siput , Perak at the end of May . I hope this camp will nor make me fell sad again

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