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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back to University ~~~

It seem a great thing for me to re-enter to University because i no need work as part-timer any more , i can meet up with my beloved university friend and the most important thing is i can escape from my own "cage " As usual , i am busying on registering my course - to make sure i can get the nice and suitable timetable for this semester . However , there is a difference compared to last four semester , that i need to prepare my final year project starting from this semester until my last semeter . If i look on the surface of this final year project , it seem a huge project for me to overcome it , but i realy hope i can handle it well since i want to graduate from this university with a better result !

On the Other hand , i also need to prepare myself for the coming disaster and trap in my life . So , i need to make sure i m full armored with the best armor equipments ! if i done it well , what else i scare of ? Hence , let meet me !!!

1 comment:

sokyee said...

i still havent meet you. haha...