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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Finally , i finished my part timer job which i worked at a account firm . During this 1 and half months , i really learned a lots of lesson and somethings that learn from my normal study at University .

I can feel the toughness as an accountant during the peak period . Work by Work are coming to you , make you cant have any second to have a small break when you are rushing to finish your job .

At the same time , they organized a small but meaningful farewell party for me . They bought a cake with some words : HAPPY BIRTHDAY on it . They all laugh at the person who bought it because i told them about my birthday of 22 years old had passed one months ago . This make the situation become a warm and full of joy environment for my farewell . Inside my heart , i really touched because this cake is the first of Birthday cake in this year . So , i will consider this party is part of my birthday memory - A Birthday Party with my New Friend .

Anyway , i really want to say thank you to them . Although we can stay together as last time , but i still will remember you all ......

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