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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Konvo 1 day Trip

As usual , this activity is one of the activities for the Pesta Konvo . Today , we need to go to Gunung Ledang , Johor and Malacca .

Gunung Ledang Trip :

This time , my friends and i need to wake up at 3.30am because we need to depart to Gunung Ledang at 4.30 am . Since the time is too rush , i decided to have nap in the evening and don't sleep at night . At 4.30 am , all three buses started to go to Gunung ledang , Johor . During the journey , my friends and i sleep all the ties in the bus , so we skip the morning breaskfast . When we reached at Gunung Ledang , Johor at around 8 am , the organiser started the 1st game , that is explore race game . OMG , how can i join this game without my breakfast because i need to climb the hill and run all the time . Hence , i feel exhausted during this game . However , our team still become 1st Runner-up for this game . After that , we went for the second game , that is searching sweets in the particular area . Unlucky , our team got the fourt place although the amount of sweets we got was only less 1 sweets than the 2nd Runner-up . After these games finished , we went to the water game in the river . The water totally freezes my legs and hands . And my friends wnet for a spa in the river . At 1pm , we supposed have our lunch , but due to some problem , we had our lunch at Kawasan Rehat Toll at 2.30pm . So , hungry man ......

Malacca trip :

At 3pm , we started to go to Malacca . When we reached there , we went to Dataran Pahlawan to have our activity , like shopping , having ice-cream , watchng people drawing and more . At 6.30 pm , we went to Newton Food court to have our dinner . After that , we went ot Menara TAming sari there to have the night view of Malacca . At 9pm , we went back to UKM . At 10.45 pm , we reached at UKM .

This is the 1 day trip of Pesta Konvo .

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