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Sunday, December 7, 2008


Today , i become my mummy's Ah Mat for whole day . I need to fetch her go to Taman Hua Lian ( near OUG there ) . This journey will take me about 30 - 45 minutes to reach there . However , in the same day , there are almost two car accidents that happen on me . Lucky , i don't have any injure and my car still in a good condition .

The 1st car accident happen when i need to turn to left . Since i at another line , so i give the signal to let another cars know that i need to turn left . However , at this time , there is an van that is coming very fast from my back . I noticed that he want to turn left , too . So , i push some break on my car to let the car pass my car . Unlucky , the van still very fast , so his car can't wait for my car to slow down a bit and crash with my car .

After that , both of us stop our car at road road to cheack the damage on our car . There are small damage near the front part of my car and the back part of his van . Both of us talk for a while , but we can't get a good answer for it . So , he ask me to wait for his bos to come and explain to her . That is for sure , i will wait for her . After 5 minutes , she reached at here . After a discussion with her , both of us just forget this thing because there are no much damages on car adn people . So , we continue in our journey .

the Second accident happen after i finish the lunch . Since i not familiar with the road at Taman Hua lian , therefore i need to ask other people to tell me where i suppose to go . When i reached at somewhere , i noticed that i at the wrong way . So , i need to U-turn back to the original way . However , i don't notice that there is a car coming from my back and i just U- turn like that . Lucky , there is no car crash at this moment because the another car is Kancil . So there is still got space to let it go . I thanks to GOD because the car is kancil and not UnSer or other big car . If not , i sure at Hospital now .

After these two accidents , i started to recall back these accidents . I started to ask myself why i not watch beside when i want to U-turn . There is normal thing to do when we want to U-turn . why ? why ? But , there is no use to figure it out . What i need to do now is to be awared when i drive next time .

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-Hugo- said...

wah...u r real LUCKY loh...!!
luckily u r ntg happen..God bless u!