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Sunday, December 14, 2008

GeNtInG tRiP - PArt 2

After that , we took a bus back to our apartment because we need to prepare the steamboat . After taking the key , we went straight to our apartment . When we get into it , no one from us went to kitchen to prepare the meal because the all of us felt tired and laid on the sofa there . After half an hours , my friend and me went to prepare it . About 7 pm , the steamboat get started . We all had a good time on this because the meal was hot and nice to eat at this cold environment .

After taking the dinner , we all played the modified " Truth and Death " . we had 14 cards and each of us picked one of it . For the people who take the Ace , he or she would answer the question which asked by the people who take the K or Q . From this , we understand better each other because the topic that we discussed on that day is too hot . like the premature sex , the type of your life-partner and etc . After that , we all watched the tv program " Conetto love " . Some of us said that the love between the participant is fake , they act like love each other and other bad comment from us . About 1 am , we all went to have a deep sleep because we all tired for this whole day journey .

Day 2 - 12/12/2008 :
Today , all of us woke up so early due to the cold environment of the Genting . After having the breakfast ( Bread and tuna spread , some of them ( Yuen fatt , Juinn shian and See hoe )went down to hsve breakfast) , we all had our own chatting section . As usual , we , Chui Sui group had our own discussion ( the topic is Secret ) . At 11.55 am , we went to check out . After that , we had our lunch at Penang Food Court . At 2pm , we went to take the cable car and then took bus back to KL . we reach at the Puduraya about 4.15 pm .

This is all about this Genting Trip 2008/2009 . I hope that we , Kensenttian can be friend forever .

From here , i want to thank to YOON Ming and Agnes for their hard work .........

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