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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

DArk Wednesday

For now , I have a bad experience need to share with you all . Last Wednesday , i took a bus back to my “ kolej ” with my friends . we were busy on chatting and playing fool in the bus . There was a lady sit next to me . I felt weird on her because she seem very scared when she looked on me . I asked her on this , but , she doesn’t answer me anything . at that moment , I thought she was a arrogant people , doesn’t want talk to me . So , I continue chatting with my friends and ignore her .

Suddenly , she ask me a question , “ where do you came from ? ” .

I came from Kolej Keris Mas ” , I said .

No , I ask where do you live before you enter university , not for now ? ” , she asked .

“ Ohh I see , I came from Cheras , KL ” , I answered happily .

Then , anyones of your relatives passed away recently ? ” , she asked again .

Hah , why you asked this question ? If you really want to know , my auntie just passed away few months ago ” , I told her .

No , what I want to know is does your male relative passed away recently ” she said .

Then , I answered her question after a few minutes because I really want to scan my data in my brain . After that , I answered her question in a doubt way .

“ I think that I don’t have lah . If you really want to know , my grandfather passed away when I was standard Six ( 8 years ago ) . Why you want to get this information from me ? I feel very weird and scared ” , I answered .

Then , she looked at me and talked with me in a very low and sponky tone .

“ I can see that kind of ‘ People ’ with my eye . I can notice that there is a guy follow you . So , I feel scared when I look at you just now ” , she said .

At that moment , I get a huge surpice and I can noice my legs was shaking at that time . However , I went back to my calm condition fastly becacuse I had a lots of things that I wanted to ask that girl to ensure my safety . Hence , I started to create some questions to ask her .

“ If like that happen , can you tell me how is the look of that ‘ People ’ which follow me ? ” , I asked her .

“ Sorry about that , I can’t see the face of that ‘ People ’ clearly , but what can I tell you is the ‘ People ’ which follow you is a guy , that all . So , you better go back to hometome or make a call to your family and ask about this case , ok ? ” she told me in a polite way .

“ Ok , I can get what you mean now . I will make a call to my mum to comfirm this case . Without knowing this case is true or not , thanks for your kindness and help ” . I said with a thankfull manner .

“ If that ‘ People ’ was my grandfather , then I don’t on him because I really miss my grandfather during these years . However , if that ‘ People ’ was another people who I don’t know him , then I will be scared and sad ” , I told her seriously .

After saying this , I reached my destination . Then , both of us said goodbye to each other . Started from that day , I never meet her in the bus or in campus anymore . And another thing is my mum told me that there is no ‘ People ’ during that period after asked the Sifu in Chinese temple when I went back to my hometown last Saturday .

So . what is your opinion when you face to this kind of problem ? There must be a good answer from you all ………..


KeNTLB said...

Alamak, so unfortunate. Well, the most important thing is the way you deal with this problem. Anyway, seventh lunar month is here.

= Kenneth =

Donald said...

Yalol , i hate that thing happen at me . Now , i done alot precautions on this thing . You also need 2 take care lol . i heard from Kkit , you al need 2 walk about half hour and alot car at there . Good luck !

Kah Kit said...

Haiz...y u so unfortunate. Dont so care on what that person said la.ay be it just a joke. I agree with what ym said, taje care of yourself and be alert lo.

michelle said...

scary.....but if you never have bad intentions on others,don't worry,there's nothing to be scared of. you're a guy, must be brave yea..."she" must have been too stressful due to the orientation.