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Friday, May 23, 2008


What kind of personality i have ? I asked so many people about this question , for example , yee fong , ai ling , bei chee and more . All of them just gave me some answers that i knew before . What i need is my personality that i cant notice it/them by myself . Until now , still no person cant answer me this question completely . This mean i dont have friend who can notice it/them or they dont notice me at all ? All kind of questions and answers just appear in my brain until i cant figure it out .

When i write until here , i feel very cold and upset because i lived for 20 years , why i cant find a person who can answer me that question ? Maybe i am a loser or i am no worth to have that kind of friend around me . For me , i really have some best friends who i can talk with them , share my opinion with them or gossip with them . However , more and more we talk , i have some feeling that i separate from them . Then , i start to do something that i never done it before to make sure that the friendship among us will never broke . I think that this is good for me and for them , but why i have some bad feelings on that . It means i done wrong thing for this ? Or i just make myself feel like that ? I cant tell you now because i still cant explain this to myself . For now , this weak point maybe is the hidden personality in my deep heart .

And now , i still need to search for other hidden personality in my deep heart . Or maybe i have some of my friends can tell me this . Then , i can understand Leow Khar keong better , and my friends can have a better Leow Khar Keong as their friend .



Anonymous said...

everyone of US try to find out who are us, and our pesonallity, to make sure wat v need. sometime some of ours hv some personallity can hurt ppl easily, ppl call this "bad personallity", n can make ppl happy which v call "gud personality". is this nessacery? keep going to find out = creating problems or puzzle for us. suffer isn't it? the things that V need to know is what can let us happy or pain N hv a life style with what v enjoy. chatting with fren is a kind of sharing. sharing is share something v happy or sad. so Y the sharing process can let u feel upset? just share something u wanna to share. keep going finding not a gud things, although u can find it out, but it also doesn;t gv u any benefits. don't fo something which cannot get profit. haha


michelle said...

In my point of view, you're one person who is loyal and worked very hard to achieve your goal.I may not know you well enough to judge you, but i believe closer friends will help. As for me,i agreed that my friends and family are the ones shaping my personality.They are open-minded enough to tell me if i did wrong and compliment me when i deserved it. What kind of friends we mixed with do influence our character.Nobody is perfect. Maybe you should think of the result from the action you've taken, and your opinion on some issues,how you react to them, that might tell who you truly are!Share your thoughts with your closed friends and family and seek feedback.
All the best!

meliawong said...

few years of back, i struggle with this question too.. at the end, i had no answer for that.. but i learn a valuable lesson.. u will never understand urself fully.. ur frens can only tell u part and parcel bout u.. the more u seek the answer, i guess the more disappointment u get. cuz as fren, i cant give u the answer u wan.. i come to realise only God knows who we are.. when ppl around u cant give u the answer, doesn't mean u are a failure or wat, is just mean they have too much good things to say bout u yet cant a suitable word to describe u.. for me, u are a good fren, as michelle said loyal, ur personality really shines up.. just be who u are now.. if someone give a beneficial comment to change, then change for better. we are ur fren because u r the kk we know.. just u..